Interactive print in 4 simple steps!

Upload your printed images

Use the Tap2C Tap Manager to upload the images you want to come to life.

Add multimedia

Enter the URL address to link your images to enriched digital content such as videos, audio MP3s or picture galleries.


Once this has been done, the publication will be interactive within 15 minutes on any smartphone or tablet.

Manage TAPs and Earn

Receive and capture real time feedback on TAP activity throughout your publication and generate revenue from your advertisers.

What is Tap2C

Tap2C is an application that allows smartphones and tablets to read printed images and immediately link directly through the picture to an enriched digital content experience such as videos, audio MP3s or picture galleries.

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iPhone & iPad

Compatible with the iPhone 3GS and higher, and iPad 2 and higher. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


Compatible‌ with‌ most‌ devices‌ running‌ Android‌ 2.3 or‌ higher.

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